I found this powerful prayer while sharing with another addiction expert.

A Drug Users Prayer

Lord can you help teach me away 
to bear the marks I made.
The needle tracks from the shooting' up, 
The nose bleeds from snorting to much crack, 
How about the bruises on my back, 
the payment for all the crap I smoked.
Lord I know I done you wrong 
I know my life won't last that long 
with the damage done. 
I turn to you for help dear lord.
As my breath grows shorter, and I am 
weak at last I wish that I had done this 
sooner, you could have helped me long ago.
Now I lay at deaths door remembering 
all the pain and hurt I caused. 
I pray dear lord for a chance just one more.
I promise to behave and to change my old ways. 
I promise dear lord to tell others of the misery 
that has befell me, and the misery that I have 
caused and the hope that lays in you so please 
dear Lord please hear this drug users prayer