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Our goal is to offer informative content and resources to struggling families dealing with this devastating drug disease.

Bon Appetit: Posh Food for the Hunt on the Beach

The Tigger House team is toasting to fall flavors and a  British inspired menu. Sophisticated, pragmatic and bold--the food for the hunt is sure to appeal to even the most refined pallet. We have an entire team on our committee overseeing the foods that will be served...

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Origin of the Heroin Epidemic

Have you ever wondered how the heroin and opiate epidemic became such a large problem? The origins of this widespread issue may go back in time further than you think: 1861-1865 - During the Civil War, medics use morphine as a battlefield anesthetic. Many soldiers...

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The Heroin Epidemic: Cold Hard Truth

The raw numbers behind the heroin and opiate crisis have reached epidemic levels and continue to climb. Experts on statistics at the Center for Disease Control are alarmed; by their estimate, heroin-related deaths have increased over 700% since the 2012 Census....

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The Kick-Off Event of the Summer: Unveiling our Mission

The Tigger House team hosted a kick-off event at the Stavola household on July 12 to unveil a vision of our future aspirations. Christian Peter welcomed press, committee members and the community to the gathering aimed at making a difference. We gathered to celebrate...

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The Hunt on the Beach is Underway

Autumn undertones and plaid accents suit the sophisticated vibe of the fourth annual Infinity Gala at Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club. The Tigger House Foundation is hosting the Hunt on the Beach, October 6 2018. Guests can expect to get lucky at the winners circle...

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Sunrise Yoga for a Cause

As the sun rose over the crisp horizon at the Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club, a community gathered together. On June 29, 2018 a community affected by tragic loss came together in unity, eager to stand beside the Tigger House Foundation. Our mission to make a positive...

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