When a plague grows commonplace, it becomes harder to fight. Help Tigger House, Inc., combat the opiate epidemic. Help fund rehabilitation treatment for teens and young adults who have become addicted Now!

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Your support plays a critical role in helping Tigger House combat substance abuse with an emphasis on the largely hidden epidemic of heroin and other opiate abuse and addiction among adolescents and young adults. Believing that the best way to honor lives already lost to this epidemic is to prevent further deaths and devastation, Tigger House works with government, law enforcement, legal and medical professionals to provide opportunities for rehabilitation and to halt the spread of illicit drugs through local dealers and prescription abuse  in addition to educating the community.

Thank you for giving where care matters most. Because of your generosity, we want to recognize you as a member in our annual giving program.  For more information please contact us.



Mother of Pearl Angle Wings - $100,000

Onyx Angel Wings - $50,000

Black Diamond Angel Wings - $25,000

Diamond Angel Wings - $20,000

Sapphire Angel Wings - $10,000

Emerald Angel Wings - $5,000

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