Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on all sponsorship opportunities please contact us.



Your support plays a critical role in helping Tigger House  combat substance abuse with an emphasis on the largely hidden epidemic of opioid and opiate abuse and addiction among adolescents and young adults. Believing that the best way to honor lives already lost to this epidemic is to prevent further deaths and devastation, Tigger House works with government, law enforcement, legal and medical professionals to provide opportunities for rehabilitation, in addition to educating the community.

Thank you for giving where care matters most. Because of your generosity, we want to recognize you as a member in our annual giving program. Many levels of sponsorship are available. For more information please contact us.



Gift in Kind donations

Gift-in-kind (GIK) donations are valuable to Tigger House, Inc.  To ensure appropriate recognition benefits are administered for a GIK donation, the donation must be secured with a written accounting of the fair market value of the gift.  Prior to discussing recognition or the tax benefits for a GIK donation, Fundraising Staff must first seek advice and concurrence from the Executive Director.

GIK donations are defined as “the provision of goods or services for which the Foundation would normally incur a cost when conducting business”.  Volunteer time is not considered a GIK donation.

*Gift-in-kind donations are not recognized cumulatively and are identified separately in print/publications.


Lasting Memory Donations

Lasting Memories Donations will recognize the names of individuals for whom total gifts in excess of $500 (gifts given in a single year based on March 31 year end) have been donated to Tigger House, Inc. in their memory.


Volunteer and Internships

Tigger House has volunteer opportunities available please contact us.