Founding Leadership CounciL (TBA)

Tigger House, Inc.  Leadership Council is a diverse group of donors who share a passionate commitment for Tigger House, Inc., work. Council members work closely with Tigger House's board and staff to spread awareness of the plague of opiate drug addiction and support the development of strategies to combat the epidemic while providing a way to interrupt the disease process before it destroys young lives.



Tigger House, Inc.,  Board of Directors is a distinguished group of leaders whose strategic decision-making and guidance steer the organization. Tigger House is a non-ideological organization and that fact is  reflected in the make-up of the board. The commitment of Tigger House board members is not only evident in the time they contribute, but by the fact that the board members generously underwrite through their donations  administrative costs.


Program Committees (TBA)

  • Early Childhood and Youth Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Medical and Legal Committee