How New Jersey is Taking On the Opioid Crisis

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis has badly affected New Jersey. In Monmouth County alone, drug deaths rose 36% between 2016-2017. So Governor Phil Murphy has decided to take action. Here’s how New Jersey is taking on the opioid crisis.


For starters, Narcan is a powerful weapon in the war against opioids. It’s a drug that reverses the affects of an opioid overdose. However, it’s quite expensive. Therefore, Governor Murphy plans on lowering the cost of it to help more communities be able to access it. This could be one of the most important aspects.

Drug Treatment Facilities

Similarly, he plans on expanding access to drug treatment facilities. Currently, people only get the treatment they need when they’re arrested. After that, they’re left on their own. So providing more access to drug treatment facilities will allow people to get professional care to combat this pandemic.

Preventative Care

And increasing preventative care will help too. Insurers will be forced to cover Medication-Assisted Treatment. In fact, this will be an all-encompassing way to treat opioid addiction. For example, health care professionals will be able to prescribe any medication necessary to treat addiction. And patients will be able to receive counseling and medication as they fight addiction.

Increased Awareness

Finally, Governor Murphy plans for increased awareness about the opioid crisis. So expect more funding for public education about the dangers of opioids. Also, there will be increased resources devoted to schools and community centers to help people learn about the dangers of opioid addiction.

Hopefully, how New Jersey is taking on the opioid crisis leads to more people getting the help they need, and fewer deaths because of drug overdose.