#NationalRecoveryMonth: Celebrating Sobriety

According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 3.7 million people in the US over age 12 received some kind of substance use treatment in the past year. With numbers like these, it’s likely that you know someone who is struggling with or fighting addiction. Each year for #NationalRecoveryMonth, we recognize the millions of Americans in treatment and share resources in order to support and de-stigmatize healthy recovery and substance abuse. It’s important that we increase awareness to understand the link between mental and substance use disorders and celebrate those who take the initiative to recover. This #NationalRecoveryMonth, we celebrate sobriety!

1. Treat Yourself

Celebrating a sobriety milestone is a great way to treat yourself! You’ve done the hard work necessary to get to where you are today, so it’s time to make yourself feel great! One of the best ways to do treat yourself is to spend a day at the spa for relaxation and messages. Find a spa in your area and schedule some time for pampering… Or if you find that you can’t afford a full spa day, treat yourself at home with a facial, a soak in your tub, or some aromatherapy!

2. Start a Tradition

We have traditions for just about every other holiday! We create memories and add meaning to our lives by adding some routine — and as such creating something to look forward to. Create traditions for your sobriety milestones! Get your family and friends involved in an annual walk or run or host a dinner party.

3. Volunteer

Celebrate your sobriety by giving back! Mark the occasion in a meaningful way by getting behind a cause that you’re passionate about. Help hand out food at a food bank, share your story with people who are just starting out in recovery or become a sponsor! You want to find something that makes you feel fulfilled and deeply rewarded! If you feel an emotional connection to your volunteer activity, you’ll find that you feel grateful.

4. Give Yourself a Future-Oriented Gift

A future-oriented gift is a perfect way to prepare yourself for long-term responsibilities and convey the message that you’re ready to build a better future. Find a new hobby by gifting yourself an instrument like a guitar. Consider a hobby or DIY tool kit! Register for a conference or course, or if you feel you’re up for it, adopt a pet!

5. Participate in Recovery Events

If you want to celebrate your sobriety with a group of fellow people in recovery, seek some local recovery events! Support groups and other organizations often host sobriety celebrations that include concerts, games, workshops and more! During National Recovery Month, these events take place more often. As a result, they might be easier to find! If you can’t find something in your area, recruit others and lead the efforts to plan something yourself!

#NationalRecoveryMonth: Celebrating Sobriety

In conclusion, one of the most important parts of National Recovery Month is celebrating sobriety. By noting these milestones, you’ll find a renewed sense of self-recognition and a sense of pride in your accomplishments. Highlighting achievements, no matter how big or small, can help those in recovery stay sober for longer! If you’re supporting a loved one celebrating, do all that you can to aid in their journey. For instance, promote and support new evidence-based treatment! Then, find ways to increase awareness and further understanding. Save lives.