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In the last decade, admission to drug treatment programs has risen 700%. The Tigger House Foundation is dedicated to reducing the death rate caused by opiate drug abuse.

NBA star Grant Hill talks athletes & opioids

March 25, 2019

Throughout college and my 19-year NBA career, I experienced several injuries and underwent a total of 11 surgeries. I have dealt with multiple ankle surgeries, an abdominal surgery, knee surgeries…

Breaking Addiction

February 7, 2019

The numbers are staggering. Every day, month and year, more and more people succumb to addictive behaviors. These are not people from some distant place; they are your friends, co-workers, family members, maybe even you.

Awareness alert from the prosecutors office: Tainted batch of heroin circulating!

March 28, 2016

“We had Eight overdoses that were reported to the hospital this weekend. Two of those people have died, and one young man tragically is on life support and I was just informed by the Family that they made the decision to remove him. Several of them are already on there way to treatment, thanks to the Recovery Specialists and the Treatment Providers . There is a tainted batch of heroin, believed to be laced with fentanyl or rat poison (pending tox) being distributed in this area. The State recorded of Naloxone reversals- 19 on Saturday and 26 on Sunday.”

Please spread the word to young adults, recovering addicts, parents, grandparents, etc.

N.J. Heroin overdose death rate is triple the soaring U.S. rate

July 8, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the rate of heroin overdose deaths has nearly tripled since 2010.

Monmouth County had among state’s highest increases in heroin deaths in 2014

June 15, 2015

State statistics released last week show that the state’s heroin epidemic continues to worsen in nearly all New Jersey counties.