Supporting Recovery

Recovery starts with a desire to change and a belief that you can overcome addiction. But it doesn’t end once your loved one leaves rehabilitation. In fact, it’s a life long journey and often there are roadblocks on the way. Follow these tips to learn ways of supporting your loved one in recovery:

1. Remove Temptations

Even the slightest of things could be a real trigger for someone working through addiction recovery. Show your loved one that you are serious and committed to their wellness by enforcing a strict policy of abstinence. Take some time to remove potential triggers, temptations, or reminders early in the recovery process. Your loved one will certainly thank you.

2. Encourage Healthy Habits

Help your loved one by establishing a routine of healthy habits. Healthy eating, physical activity, getting enough sleep… leading by example is a great way to encourage and support your loved one through their recovery journey.

3. Celebrate the Small Stuff

We only seem to notice the big, sweeping milestones in our journeys to making positive change? Why is that? It’s so important to celebrate the little victories throughout the recovery process. These small behavioral changes are worthy of some positive attention. Make sure to acknowledge and take note of the subtle modes of transformation in order to encourage your loved one to push through their recovery journey!

4. Stay Positive

It’s often easy to focus on all of the negative, difficult parts of recovery. That’s why, even in the event of a slip-up or relapse, it’s crucial that you remain positive! Sometimes a slip is just a slip; sometimes it’s a fall. And that’s okay! Make sure to analyze the behaviors. Take some time to explore what happened and understand. From there, you and your loved one can work out a way to move forward.

5. Be Patient

Lastly, be patient with your loved one. Remember that recovery is not linear. It’s a long, complicated process and people make mistakes. You are there to support your family member and help them through every step of the journey – even the roadblocks.