The Heroin Epidemic: Cold Hard Truth

The raw numbers behind the heroin and opiate crisis have reached epidemic levels and continue to climb. Experts on statistics at the Center for Disease Control are alarmed; by their estimate, heroin-related deaths have increased over 700% since the 2012 Census. Numbers illustrate the cold-hard truth: heroin addiction is not going anywhere.

Every year in this country more people die from heroin overdose than from cancer, vehicular homicide, and gun-related homicide.

NJ is a port state, where imports of heroin and opiates flood the illegal market. Since NJ is the first stop on the heroin superhighway, the drugs are less tampered with. As a result, Heroin in New Jersey is forty percent more pure than the national average.

During 2016, there were more than 63,600 overdose deaths in the United States, including 42,249 that involved an opioid (66.4%). That’s an average of 115 opioid overdose deaths each day.

Three out of four heroin users transitioned from prescription pills to injecting street heroin.

In 2013, the cost of medical care and substance abuse treatment for opioid addiction and overdose was an estimated $78.5 billion.

The facts validate our mission at Tigger House Foundation. One does not need to look far in the community to see how heroin addiction has had devastating consequences.