The State of NJ expands the TARP program to 11 new hospitals:

In March 2018, TARP celebrated its one year anniversary at Monmouth Medical Center. Our Recovery Specialists have been deployed over 134 times. With an incredible 96% success rate, patients begin their journey to recovery thanks to the dedicated staff  behind the TARP program. None of this would have been possible if not for the generous million dollar donation from the Stavola family to fund TARP. In honor of their son Tigger who died from heroin overdose, TARP is dedicated to guiding and supporting addicts through the recovery process.

Due to the tremendous success of TARP, the State of NJ made this program a model for addiction recovery. The State has expanded the TARP program at all 11 RJW Barnabas Hospitals & 1 Hackensack Meridian Hospital.

Our dedicated recovery specialists are professionally trained to assist patients throughout their recovery journey. Recovery Specialists are personable and have experienced addiction themselves. They can easily relate to those struggling with substance abuse and can support them without judgement. Our Patient Navigators guide those seeking help through the recovery process. Patient Navigator’s assist with admitting patients into programs and guiding them to the next phase of care. Our staff works endlessly to find patients spots in a program that is the best fit for the individual.

As the success of TARP continues to grow and save lives, Tigger House is looking to the future. We are now dedicating our time and funds to create a comprehensive Wellness and Recovery Facility. This long-term care facility will encompass all medical, behavioral, career and education related aspects of recovery. Our facility will be a model for the world & the new standard of care for heroin and opiate addiction. We need your help & support to bring our vision  to life.

Programs like TARP are rare. Addiction impacts our entire nation. Everyday more families are devastated by the heroin and opiate epidemic. We strive to offer a real solution to the greatest epidemic New Jersey has ever faced. We are proud of the Tigger Addiction Recovery Program and grateful to have achieved a positive impact in eliminating heroin overdose.